Help Ukrainian Firefighters

On the night of July 19, Russian troops struck southern Ukraine, launching more than 60 air strikes. Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 13 Kalibrs, one X-59 missile, and 23 UAVs. In the Odesa region, Russian troops targeted infrastructure facilities, including grain and oil terminals. There were also reports of a hit to an infrastructure facility in the Zhytomyr region and shelling in the Mykolaiv region. 12 people were injured in the Odesa region and two in the Mykolaiv region. According to the Ministry of Energy, Russian attacks targeted grain terminals and port infrastructure in the ports of Odesa and Chornomorsk, residential buildings, and trade pavilions. In the port of Chornomorsk, 60,000 tons of grain were destroyed.

This is not only a humanitarian disaster. This is concrete terror. Four people were injured during a night attack on July 20 (the following night) in Odesa. A 21-year-old security guard was found dead under the rubble. An administrative building in the city center was destroyed. The blast wave damaged several buildings. The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China building in Odesa was also injured during the night attack. 

It is important to note that the occupiers used combined tactics when shelling Odesa. The enemy launches land, sea, and air-based missiles. Air defense systems cannot shoot down X-22 and Onyx missiles. This turns into endless massive attacks on the city’s civilian population. For the third night in a row, Odessans are forced to sit in bomb shelters for hours, fearing for their homes and lives. The truth is that it is the civilian population that is suffering.