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The Kakhovka hydroelectric power facility in the Kherson region was destroyed by an explosion during the night of Tuesday, June 6. As a result, the station was entirely underwater. People are being evacuated in the region and the Dnipro River floods villages.
Villages on the right bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast are threatened by flooding. These are Mykolayivka, Olhivka, Lievo, Tyahynka, Ponyativka, Ivanivka, Tokarivka, Prydniprovske, Sadove, and part of the city of Kherson – Korabel Island.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 80 settlements in the Kherson region are currently in the zone of potential flooding. Most of them are temporarily occupied.

Thus, the occupied Nova Kakhovka has already been flooded. Flooding has also been recorded in Kherson and other parts of the region.

The head of the Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, said that the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion could deprive residents of Kherson and occupied Crimea of drinking water and threaten the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Some settlements and the biosphere may also be destroyed. He said that it is war crime and ecocide and added that central and regional authorities are working to ensure people’s safety.
According to the IAEA, there is currently no danger to Zaporizhzhia NPP, but the organization’s experts are monitoring the situation at the plant.

The reaction of the world

President of the United States, Joe Biden, reacted to the dam breach at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in the Kherson region. In particular, the US President said: “We will not let this happen. We will help Ukraine.”

The White House also said it could not say whether Russia was responsible for the explosion.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the plant explosion was “an outrageous act that once again demonstrates the cruelty of war.” He added that the dam’s destruction endangers the lives of thousands of civilians and causes severe environmental damage.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the hydroelectric power plant’s explosion a “new dimension” of Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to him, the destruction of the plant “corresponds to the way Putin is waging this war.” Scholz said that Berlin follows the situation “with attention and concern.”

Urgent Rescue Mission

A devastating ecocide has struck Kachovka, Ukraine, threatening precious lives and our ecosystem. Over 40,000 people must be evacuated, thousands of people and animals are drowned, and Kakhovska Dam is entirely underwater.

This is a call to action like never before! Ukrainian rescuers in Kherson region work 24/7 to save people and drain the water, but they urgently need special equipment:

▫️RIB BRIG Falcon Tenders F570 Sport
▫️Patrol Powerboat UMS-1000
▫️Outboard Motor SUZUKI DF90ATL
▫️Boat Trailer Kyyashko
▫️Hydraulic tools
▫️Guardian Mask OTS Spectrum FFM w/+ Buddy Phone D2
▫️Sufrace Station
▫️OTS Aquacom® STX-101
▫️OTS Aquacom SSB-2010, 4-Channel Transceiver
▫️Dive Rite EX35 canister flashlight
▫️FORTIUS 420 Pressure Chamber
▫️Barocamera VITAERIS 320
▫️Boat with side-view sonar
▫️Diver’s electronic panel
▫️Rapid deployment diving station
▫️Kirby Morgan Superlite diving helmets
▫️Santi Enduro wetsuit
▫️Undersuit for a dry wetsuit Aqualung undersuit arctic 300
▫️Suunto Vyper Novo underwater computer
▫️Suunto LED transmitter
▫️Bts Steel Scuba Tank 15L
▫️SEAC Modular Buoyancy Compensator
▫️Diving kit, regulator Apeks XTX 100 DIN and octopus XTX40 with console
▫️Diving suit wet type AquaLung Safaga (SET) + helmet
▫️Aqualung Aleutian Kevlar neoprene gloves
▫️RK3 – Dive Fins
▫️Mask Scubapro Spectra
▫️Guide Rescue Vest
▫️Aqualung Wenoka Big Squeeze Lock Knife, Blunt Tip
▫️The Dive Rite Line Cutter
▫️Helmet Waterproof H1 5/10mm

Time is of the essence, and the situation demands immediate intervention. We urgently need YOUR expertise, passion, and commitment to combat this genocide!

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