We are Ukrainian Americans who are worried about the citizens of our Motherland. To help Ukrainian firefighters, we are making a lot of effort.

We aim to supply the rescue teams with all the required specialized equipment. We can help because we want to and have the time. We are working with American officiants and firefighters professionals who bravely put their warm hearts and wisdom into supporting the brotherhood in Ukraine. We are also grateful for the industry experts in this field and donors helping our heroes.

Hundreds of firefighters battle fire, explosions, and bombs daily, particularly in the eastern part of Ukraine. And they rely on our assistance!

We accept the PPE, cylinders, gloves, safety gear, and medications and deliver them to Ukraine to help the courageous Ukrainian firefighters. And you can join us by addressing the needs of Ukrainian FF to the local Fire departments in the USA.

We are accepting everything!
🌐 www.helpffua.com

FEBRUARY 27, 2023