Supporting Ukrainian firefighters with equipment and protection items is our main task today and always

We continue our global mission after our two-week journey with the Ukrainian firefighters from Kharkiv @chernomor.a.a @nachkar393 . It is essential to support Ukrainian defenders now as much as possible in their mission to protect life in the country.

Now we are looking for opportunities to partner with other organizations to gather as much firefighter equipment as possible and ship it to Ukraine to help support those fighting for their own country.

⤵️ The Main Directorate of the SES of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region is in dire need of the following material values:
▫️Structural Fire PPE
▫️Fire protective hoods.
▫️Firefighter protective helmets.

▫️Firefighter structural jackets.
▫️Firefighter structural pants.
▫️Firefighter structural boots.
▫️Firefighter structural gloves.
▫️Firefighter structural goggles.
▫️Fire Resistant Suit Thermal Radiation 1000 Degree Heat Resistant
▫️Portable scene lighting.
▫️Individual flashlights.
▫️Analog and digital UHF radios and base stations.
▫️Safety Harnesses.
▫️Climbing equipment: systems, carabiners, ropes, blocks, descending devices, belaying devices, and lifting devices.
▫️Hand tools: Hooligans, fire axes, «American» scoop and bayonet shovels, crowbars.
▫️SCBA complete set Scott/ MSA/ Drager-PSS 4000.
▫️Rescue chainsaw.
▫️K12 Rescue saw.
▫️Battery-operated cutting tool.
▫️Battery-powered and hydraulic rescue tools: spreaders, rescue cylinders (RAMs), cutters, and combi tools.
▫️Rescue struts.
▫️Rescue airbags.
▫️Heavy machinery: Crane manipulator, heavy tow truck.
▫️Fire apparatus and ambulances.

Contact us, please, if you wish to make an impact!
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MAY 24, 2023