Our dream team with Ukrainian firefighters @roman.kachanov.ua @nachkar393 @chernomor.a.a @woman_from_greenleaf_street , completed their two-week professional tour in America! 🚒🇺🇸

Participation in the conference and H.O.T. as part of the @fdicindy, dozens of new acquaintances, help and support from partners, learning how fire departments work in different cities and states, a warm welcome from the Ukrainian diaspora, meeting with top U.S. officials and a long-awaited introduction to the Polsky Foundation, who organized all the logistics and did everything to make this trip happen — all these things are unforgettable! 🔥

We thank each other for this experience, thank everyone who came up, got to know us, supported us with resources, thank you for the donations and gift, many thanks to all the good from everyone! Ukrainian firefighters got invaluable international experience, knowledge and gears that will help them and their colleagues do their work even better and protect #Ukrainians.

We can do anything together! 🇺🇦 🇺🇸

MAY 7, 2023