Forest fires in Hawaii have spread quickly across the island due to the elemental nature. The fire burned entire neighborhoods in the city of Lahaina. Because of the number of victims, the fire has been called the greatest disaster in Hawaii’s history when it became a U.S. state 🚒🔥

👉 The wildfires in Hawaii have claimed the lives of at least 80 people. According to the latest data, the fire in Lahaina is 85% contained, while the fire in the vicinity of the island of Maui is only 50% contained.

We are confident American firefighters will bravely cope with the natural disaster thanks to their skill and fortitude! 🇺🇸

Ukrainian firefighters also express their outstanding support to their American colleagues. The whole world hopes for a speedy resolution of the situation! 👩‍🚒🙏

AUGUST 14, 2023