Today was significant for Ukrainian firefighters @nachkar393 @chernomor.a.a who have been in the US for over a week. They finally visited the Polsky Foundation’s office, which had organized their trip and participation in the FDIC 👏🏻

Ukrainian firefighters introduced themselves and thanked the foundation for sponsoring the trip, as well as for their assistance during the time of war. It is a lot of work, and Ukrainian defenders are grateful for the opportunity for professional development and emotional support. As a result, they could visit the FDIC exhibition and trainings, where they interacted with American firefighters and enhanced their knowledge and skills.

This experience has been both professionally and personally rewarding for them. Polsky Foundation continues to support Ukraine, help Ukrainian firefighters, and keep in touch with all the partners to achieve the global goal and approximate the victory of Ukraine! 🇺🇦🇺🇸🙏

MAY 3, 2023