Ukrainian Firefighters @chernomor.a.a @nachkar393 in Rescue 1, FDNY! @rescue1fdny 🔥

Our guys visited one more fire station in #NYC! The bond formed between the Ukrainian and American firefighters was truly inspiring. They shared stories, techniques, and strategies, highlighting the universal language of firefighting that transcends borders. It was a powerful reminder of the global community of first responders ready to protect and serve. The most touching moment was when Chief John Ceriello took off his hat in recognition of Ukrainian power! 🙏

The Ukrainian and American firefighters proudly signed the #UA flag to celebrate this special occasion as a symbol of unity and solidarity. The flag represents the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people. By signing it, they expressed gratitude for the warm welcome from their American counterparts.

Rescue 1, FDNY — the toughest squad in the USA. We appreciate your support! 🇺🇦🇺🇸

MAY 4, 2023