One more exciting news!

The Kharkiv State Emergency Service @dsns_kharkiv recognized Serhii Bilious, a firefighter from the Kharkiv region who recently visited America, and gave him a special award for his bravery and high level of professionalism during emergency rescue operations at Ukrainian energy facilities.

During the time Polsky Foundation representatives spent with Sergey in the US, we were impressed by his enthusiasm and attitude toward his work. He is a brave, educated, and open-minded person who inspires by example. He is our friend, and we are truly happy about his success! 🚒💪🏻

We are proud of Ukrainian #firefighters, consider it a great honor to have the opportunity to interact and be friends with them, and, of course, hope for peace in #Ukraine as soon as possible! 🇺🇦🇺🇸

JULY 11, 2023