Supporting Firefighters in Need: A Heartwarming Gesture from James Lewandowski and Morgan Township Volunteer Fire Department! 🤝🚒

We are incredibly proud to share this heartwarming story of generosity and solidarity. James Lewandowski and the incredible team at Morgan Township Volunteer Fire Department have donated gear to support our fellow firefighters in Ukraine who are in dire need of assistance 🙌 We will deliver it as soon as possible!

Together, we can inspire others to lend a helping hand and create a safer world for everyone. Tag a friend who appreciates the bravery and dedication of firefighters worldwide! We have 18 warehouses all over the U.S., and if you know someone who can donate used or special gear for Ukrainian defenders — contact us! We don`t accept monetary donations, but we are always happy to get some equipment for Ukrainian firefighters! 🕊

JUNE 19, 2023