🚨 Urgent Request! 🚨

Bakhmach in the #Chernihiv region urgently requires our assistance at Fire Station No. 14. The city’s population is only 16,862. At least 65 Russian military units crossed through #Bachmach on February 26, 2022, and there were probably another 100 or more on the outside.

And now the situation is critical, with an immediate requirement of 60 fire hoses that they last got 12 years ago. Its 29 firefighters also need essential equipment, including helmets, belts, gloves, shoes, lanterns, and rescue ropes.

Last summer, they were fortunate to receive a new truck, but devastatingly, it was taken away after just three months. Now, we can support these brave firefighters who risk their lives to keep the community safe.

Let’s come together and make a difference! Your contributions can save lives and protect the city of Bakhmach. Please share this post and contact us if you can donate something!

Every contribution matters!

JUNE 8, 2023