We have some incredible news to share! Polsky Foundation is overwhelmed with gratitude as we got our largest donation — it is from the Ogunquit Fire Department 🎉💪

This generous contribution was delivered to our partners’ warehouse in New Jersey, and we couldn’t be happier about the continuance of our mission with the unwavering support of Ukrainian firefighters from the US 🚒🤝

But that’s not all! We want to thank our reliable partners from @helpheroesofukraine for their exceptional assistance. With their quick thinking and dedication, they were able to rally volunteers in the blink of an eye to help us with donated items 🙏💙

Together, we are making a difference and providing critical resources to our brave Ukrainian firefighters. With your support, we can equip them with the necessary tools and gear to save lives and protect their country.

Join us and donate today. Every contribution matters and brings us one step closer to ensuring the safety of Ukrainian firefighters on the frontlines!

JULY 18, 2023