ūüöí Our¬†Ukrainian firefighters¬†@roman.kachanov.ua¬†@chernomor.a.a¬†@nachkar393¬†@oskachko¬†had¬†an incredible experience spending evening at¬†Brooklyn Fire Station 217. They¬†joined forces with¬†our American colleagues, sharing delicious meals that¬†were cooked on-site, and¬†exchanging stories that¬†touched our hearts ūüôĆ

Our firefighters witnessed firsthand the dedication and bravery of the firefighters of Station 217, who welcomed our group with open arms.

Ukrainian firefighters shared their experiences, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of firefighting back in Ukraine. The exchange of stories was enlightening and a testament to the universal spirit of courage and resilience that unites firefighters worldwide.

ūüôŹ To¬†our American colleagues at¬†Brooklyn Fire Station 217, we¬†sincerely appreciate the¬†warmth and hospitality you¬†showed. Thank you¬†for embracing us¬†as part of¬†your team and¬†allowing us to¬†experience the true¬†brotherhood of firefighters.
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MAY 5, 2023