🔥 Ukrainian Firefighters Visit NY F.D. Headquarters! 🔥 We had an incredible meeting as #Ukrainian firefighters @chernomor.a.a @roman.kachanov.ua @nachkar393 visited the 9 Metro Tech Center F.D. Headquarters in New York! The exchange of knowledge and experiences was truly inspiring. The Ukrainian heroes got an up-close look at the heart of firefighting operations in New York. We were amazed to see the intricate workings of the connection center and see firsthand how the system operates to ensure the safety of this city. We also want to thank the @fdny for their incredible support. Their generous contribution of 41 tons of gear and equipment to Ukrainian firefighters has significantly impacted firefighters’ ability to respond to emergencies and safeguard our communities. This gesture of solidarity and partnership between our nations exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie in the firefighting community. We are proud to be part of this international firefighting family, united by a shared mission to protect lives and property. Together, we can overcome any challenge and make the world safer.

MAY 4, 2023