Ukraine suffers fire and despair daily. As brave and selfless as Ukrainian firefighters have been, they need our help. And as Americans, we have the opportunity to give just that.

Resources are stretched thin, and firefighters require an additional 5,000 pieces of equipment and thousands of unique tools, according to official Ukrainian sources, to assure the safety of every town, including those in de-occupied territories.

Our team is doing everything possible to support the Ukrainian rescues. We are so proud and thankful for how so many have come together for this cause:
▫️ American fire stations supplying protective gear and humanitarian aid.
▫️ We are working on a project allowing Ukrainian and American firefighters to train together.
▫️ Active sharing of vital information about the situation in Ukraine on all platforms available in the US.

The SES in Ukraine will concentrate on planning volunteer fire brigades’ activities in 2023. It’s time to help and outfit recruits with the tools they need! With your support, we can make all these goals and more happen.

All the details are on our website:

MARCH 10, 2023