“Good evening, we are from Ukraine!” A small, but extremely capacious, powerful and well-known greeting of our Motherland, which, unfortunately, appeared during the brutal, unjust, barbaric war of russia against Ukraine
During this difficult time, we have witnessed the creation of many wonderful art installations, unions, initiatives, etc., and lots of countries have supported us. America is not left out either, this is what the post is about. We are very proud to introduce you to an initiative created by Ukrainian volunteers living in Chicago. A team of volunteers has organized fundraising for equipment for Ukrainian firefighters who professionally do their job saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainians every day
A lot of work has already been done and, thanks to our friends in the United States, Ukrainian firefighters in the hottest spots have received the necessary stuff!
We decided to be more open to the world in order to attract more people from all over the world. In the following publications, we will tell you in more detail about our activities, participants, and their daily activities.
In the meantime, we are adding an article about us for fox32chicago.com
Glory to Ukraine!

APRIL 24, 2022