We were happy to continue our journey with Ukrainian firefighters in Washington D.C. and meet two outstanding and very positive people who represent bravery and passion in the world of firefighting: Chief Tonya Hoover, Deputy Fire Administrator, and Superintendent Eriks Gabliks, Director of the National Fire Academy, which is under the direct authority of the White House and the American President!!! 🙌

Their knowledge and expertise impressed us. We experienced their undying dedication to the firefighting profession and their extraordinary influence on the future of education and training. Our hearts filled with pride as we exchanged stories, shared experiences, shew videos from Ukraine and learned important lessons from these extraordinary people.

In recognition of this historic occasion, our firefighters also awarded Tonya Hoover with Ukrainian chevrons.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Deputy Fire Administrator Chief Tonya Hoover and Superintendent Eriks Gabliks for their warm welcome and for sharing their invaluable insights. They are true inspirations to us all! 🙏

MAY 6, 2023